Silk’n Blue Light Therapy Review

Review of: Silk’n Blue Light Therapy Device

Use: Clearing acne & pimples, prevent blemishes and breakouts




Best results expected 6 – 8 weeks after recommended treatment




Cost $$$


Ease of Use


Very easy to use (How to use video available below)




Live chat support available

What we like

  • FDA-approved
  • Clinically proven
  • Recommended by Dermatologist

We don’t like

  • It needs to be used twice a day for max result
  • Some issue with intermittent turning off of the device

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In recent years, newer technologies have been introduced in the market to offer easier and more practical ways to get rid of pimples safely. For instance, blue light therapy aims to deliver quick and painless effects as acne-causing bacteria are destroyed.

In fact, dermatologists have been implementing this technology for several years, and this makes it a dependable choice for people who are in search of an effective product to treat acne. Check out this Silk’n Blue Acne Solution Device Review to discover more about this product and what it can do for you.

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Quick Video Review of Silk’n Blue Light Therapy Device

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About The Brand – Has been Featured In Magazine & TV Programs

Silkn Blue Acne Light Therapy Device

The use of blue light therapy in acne treatment has been studied and evaluated by professionals. In particular, Silk’n has been carefully assessed by dermatologists to determine if it is truly effective as it claims to be. In a study by dermatologists, this product was proven to offer a reduction on acne lesions by as much as 91 percent.

Others have experienced a 92 percent improvement on the number of lesions caused by acne. These are outstanding figures that are worth looking into considering how effective the product appears to be based on professional studies.

Silk’n is one of the note-worthy brands of aesthetic devices that are designed for home use. Its team is made up of professionals suchas engineers, scientists, and business experts who have conducted series of studies on the effectiveness of LED-based treatment products in addressing acne.

Dr. Judith Hellman Testimony

In fact, the brand has been featured in a number of magazines and TV programs including The Rachel Ray Show, Allure, O (Oprah Magazine) and Vogue, to name a few. It has also been given an award as the best laser hair removal product, which adds to its prestige. These are among the reasons why the brand continues to develop newer products to promote skin care, considering its mission to deliver total satisfaction to customers who are looking to enhance skin quality.

What’s In Every Package?

What can you expect from this product? Below are among the features and items that the Silk’n Blue Acne treatment offers:

  • Powerful blue light with 415 nm wavelength
  • FDA-cleared
  • Health Canada – cleared
  • Easy and stress-free to use
  • Kills acne bacteria to treat pimples right from the source
  • Temperature sensor incorporated to protect your skin
  • Quality results in 6 to 8 weeks of treatment
  • Durable and sturdy

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Getting Into Details: Best Features of the Kit

After learning about what to expect from this package, it is time to go deeper into details on this product. So, what exactly are you getting from using the Silk’n Blue acne treatment? The following are among the smart and impressive features of this one-of-a-kind product.


1. Non-Invasive Acne Treatment

What you will like most about this product is the fact that it offers a safe and non-invasive treatment option for acne. This means, there is no pain or a lengthy process of healing that goes after using this device. It utilizes blue light technology to promote total clarity of your skin as acne bacteria are killed, which is just how it should be done. Since the problem is addressed right from its source, this eliminates any possibility of it coming back, or at least minimize your chances of getting future breakouts.

2. Superior Power of Blue Light

The blue light used in the system has a wavelength of 415 nanometer, a strong fractional amount needed to neutralize and kill P.acnes bacteria. These elements remain in the hair follicles, yet they are extinguished with every treatment session. Once the bacteria clog hair follicles, this results to inflammation and infections. Since blue light targets bacteria, this prevents pimples from getting inflamed, and this promotes quicker healing.

3. Gentle Heating

​Aside from the blue light technology, this device also emite gentle heat, which limits the possibility of getting more breakouts in the future. Heat dries the sebaceous glands, so too much oil is not produced or released to the skin. Thus, this offers a gentle, safe and effective way to stop pimples that are due to clogged pores and infestation of acne-causing bacteria.

4. Safe to Use

​Most importantly, the Silk’n Blue is approved and cleared by the FDA. In fact, it is also Health Canada-cleared, which means this product is indeed safe and risk-free to use. With this painless, non-invasive and drug-free means of treating acne, you can get clearer skin minus the pain. This is also designed for home use, which makes it very convenient for anyone.

5. Portable

Are you always on the go? If so, then you should not have any problems using the Silk’n Blue. It comes with a lightweight and portable body, which allows you to bring it with you anywhere you go. It has a compact size designed for optimum mobility, and that makes it an excellent companion to bring along during your travel. Lastly, this device has a temperature sensor built right into it, so the device is prevented from going beyond 41 degrees Celsius.

Quick Summary

Things We Like


Product users were amazed by the outstanding effects of using this Silk’n Blue acne treatment system. These positive features include the following:

  • Neutralizes bacteria quickly
  • Safe and non-invasive
  • Dual energy offers acne prevention while destroying bacteria
  • FDA-approved
  • Evident results in a short period
  • Clinically-proven
  • Recommended by dermatologists
  • Gentle and effective

Things We Don’t Like


There are some flaws on this device, although the positive features are quite impressive. Among these limitations are the following:

  • The device needs to be held on the affected portion for a few minutes
  • It needs to be used twice a day for maximum effects
  • It would have been better if the device comes with a timer
  • Some issue with intermittent turning off of the device

The Verdict

While there may be some limitations to this product, the benefits still outweigh all of these slight concerns. As a whole, you can get the results you want from the Silk’n Blue acne treatment system, which is clear, smooth and flawless skin.

By following the instructions and performing the treatment sessions regularly, the outcome will be noticeable and quite satisfactory.

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