Project E Beauty Foldable LED 7 Color Photon Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Review

Review of: Project E Beauty photon light therapy

Use: Treat a lot of variety skin conditions




Clearing acne, tighten skin, anti aging, anti inflammatory & many more




Cheap compare to it’s effectiveness


Ease of Use


Very easy to use (How to use video available below)




Active and responsive

What we like

  • Visible results after few weeks of use
  • Quite easy to use and getting started
  • Powerful lights and solid construction

We don’t like

  • User-manual need some improvements

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Feeling conscious and embarrassed about the quality of your skin? If so, then it may help to find a natural, effective and safe way to improve you skin’s texture and overall appearance.

In this Project E Beauty Foldable LED 7 Color Photon Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Review, you will have a better idea about what to expect from this product, which can help you decide whether it is worth investing your time and money on it. So, read along and discover what this light therapy skin care treatment is all about, and make a smarter choice on your purchase.

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Quick Video Review

Please spend few minutes to watch this video to understand what this device is, what is it for, how to use it correctly & other benefits of this light therapy.

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About The Brand


Photon skin therapy involves the use of powerful LED lights that penetrate deep into your skin to heal problem areas and common issues with skin such as acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and scars. The Project E foldable color photon skin care therapy comes with powerful blue and red lights, and these work together in giving your skin a renewed appearance.

The red light is capable of activating and boosting the production of enzymes including catalase, to name a few. This way, the metabolism of your skin tissue is improved, which is made possible when certain components including fibrin, protein and hepatin are compounded. The entire process becomes faster, so that also facilitates healing on a cellular level.

As for the blue light, this is responsible for relaxing the ligaments and skin. As a result, the thrombus becomes softer, and this is effective in eliminating abnormalities in the quality of the skin such as age spots, darkening, wrinkles and erythema. Even wrinkles and fine lines are eliminated, and these all contribute to the radiance and glow in your face.

Most importantly, the whole process is done in a safer and faster manner. Hence, you can work your way towards having beautiful skin without any fears of experiencing side effects along the way.

What’s In This Package?

What can you expect from purchasing this skin care treatment? The following are among the different items that come with every package of this photon skin care therapy for home use:

  • 7 different colors generated after combining the three basic LED colors (blue, red and yellow)
  • Boosts the circulation of blood
  • Enhances skin elasticity
  • Smoothens out wrinkles and fine lines
  • Different wavelengths per color (630 nm) red, (463 nm) blue, (590 nm) yellow
  • Several other colors are created when the basic ones are combined such as cyan, green, purple and orange
  • The combination of colors work in improving skin quality
  • Over time, common skin issues are eliminated including acne scars, pore size and age spot
  • About 140 pieces of LED lights per color
  • A total of 420 LEDs in this skin care system
  • Output power is 25 watts

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Getting Into Project E Beauty Details: Best Features of the Kit

If you are planning on switching to this product for improved skin quality, then these features are among the ones you can expect.


1. Special Functions Per Color

There are different purposes depending on the color emitted by the light. For red light, this is capable of activating catalase, among a few other enzymes. This leads to the reduction of the chroma of unnecessary colors that may not give a positive effect on your skin.

Moreover, this color speeds up the process involved in compounding several components such as protein, fibrin and hepatin that are responsible for the fast metabolism of your skin’s tissue.

As for the blue light, it works by relaxing the ligaments and skin, which gives your face a more renewed and rejuvenated appeal. The thrombus also becomes softer, so this helps eliminate excess fat, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

2. Potent Lights for Skin Improvement

The colorful light emitted in the system is very powerful and potent in enhancing your skin’s quality. The wavelength varies from 510 to 1200 nm, and this is equivalent to a good amount of laser light.

Although the effect is quite powerful, there are no side effects on your skin such as burning or drying. What it merely does is to irradiate the body and rejuvenate the skin without giving your skin a darker shade.

3. Healthy-Looking Skin

This product is responsible for enhancing the overall quality and texture of your skin. In fact, irradiation generates energy that promotes cell growth by up to five times faster. The cytochrome is stimulated to turn dextrose into an effective means of generating ATP.

Hence, more collagen is produced over time. All the lights included in this system offer beneficial impacts to your skin’s health, which allows it to glow and radiate on the outside.

4. Equipped With Every Item You Need

To make it even better, this skin care treatment is equipped with every single item necessary for you to get started. Along with the main unit, this product comes with a power adapter, a user’s manual in the English language, and a pair of protective goggles. It also weighs a little over 2 kilograms for your convenience.

Quick Summary

Things We Like


Here are some of the best features of this product that you will surely appreciate:

  • Visible results after a few weeks of use
  • Tightens the skin as more collagen is produced
  • Eliminates blotchiness
  • Easy to use and get started
  • Portable and convenient to bring along on your trip
  • Can be used even without the help of a professional
  • Comes with an affordable price for high value
  • Powerful lights and solid construction

Things We Don’t Like


Just a slight things we don’t like about this kit:

  • The only complaint of some users is the fact that the user manual needs some improvement. Further instructions should be included, so it will be much easier for users to understand the steps involved in the process. “That’s why we republish the video in the beginning of this page to anticipate this.”

Our Final Conclusion

At the end of the day, your decision lies on what works for you without causing negative effects on your skin. So, with all the great features of Project E Beauty photon light therapy, it is worth investing on it for positive results in the long run. While there may be a few complaints about the manual, this is not a deal breaker considering the video we provide above.

69% of Customers Rate 5 Star For This Device!! Buy Now @Amazon!!!