CARIBBEAN SUN Blue Red LED Light Therapy Review

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About the Brand

Caribbean Sun Brand LogoLED therapy (¹) is one of the newest techniques in treating unsightly skin concerns including wrinkles, acne and other similar issues. With the use of this system, you will find it easier to achieve more beautiful skin as these lights touch your skin and target your acne, pores, fine lines, age spots and other skin problems that bother you.

In particular, this product by Caribbean Sun offers the powerful action of light in renewing your skin’s quality. This unit is made of metal materials to ensure sturdiness and durability.

There is also a stand included, which allows you to position the unit according to your preferred height. It can be adjusted and tilted, and this is ideal when you need to work on your face or other parts of the body. Just be sure to follow the instructions written in the manual to achieve effects you have always wanted.

The unit has two different power switches, and this enables you to make use of the light properly. What’s more, it is UV-shielded for your safety and convenience, and you can put on the protective eye goggles each time you undergo treatment per session.

What’s In Every Package

Before you purchase any skin care product in the market, it is always a practical move to check into the items included in the package first.

This way, you will be able to get the results you want from it. Among the different components of this skin care treatment system are the following:

– A pair of high quality protective eye goggles
– Powerful LED lamp
– Blue and Red LED lights
– Wavelength for 144 blue lights is 415 nm while the 144 red lights features 660 nm
– Energy- saving features (14 watts)
– Small and lightweight
– Perfect for travel use
– Weighs 4.5 pounds
– Stands 13 inches in height

Getting Into Details: Best Features of the Kit

getting into caribbean sun light therapy detailsWhat can you expect from this light therapy system for your skin? Here are among the components and features that you will love about this product.

1. Durable and Sturdy

This skin care light therapy system comes with an all-steel construction, which makes this dependable to use. In fact, it is designed for a long period with its durable materials and high quality construction. You can expect this unit to last for several years with careful use and proper maintenance, which should not be a hassle for you.

2. Portable

Another excellent thing about this unit is its portability. It is fairly lightweight at 4.5 pounds, and you can bring it with you wherever you go. As for the height, it is 13 inches, so it should fit perfectly in your bag during your travels.

In addition, there are protective eye goggles included, so you can shield your eyes as you go along with the treatment process. Lastly, there is an adjustable stand that you can tilt based on your preferred position.

3. Works as Expected

The red and blue light technology incorporated into this system makes it possible for you to achieve the results you long for with every treatment.

For instance, acne is treated effectively while your skin heals over time. Scars and blemishes diminish, which can boost your confidence. There are also angled surface panels that measure 5 inches by 7 inches, so you can attain perfect coverage.

4. Value for Your Money

For its price, this item offers just about everything you need for an effective and efficient skin care treatment that meets your standards. It comes with a powerful unit that features powerful LED lamps such as red and blue light, and there are protective eye goggles included.

Hence, you can start your skin treatment session safely at home or wherever you are. By simply following all instructions in the manual, you can get the results you want and achieve total satisfaction. This product is a solid investment worth taking considering all the positive reviews it has garnered from several customers.

Things We Like

This light therapy system by Caribbean Sun has been getting astounding reviews from product users because of these commendable features:

– Treats pimples and acne effectively
– Comes with a 90-day full money back guarantee
– Includes a pair of good quality protective eye goggles
– Low power consumption
– No need for a voltage adapter
– Works on 110 to 220 voltages
– Small size and portable
– Backed by a 10-year full warranty
– Cheaper than going to the dermatologist’s office, yet same professional results
– Takes a few minutes per session

Things We Don’t Like

Some people, though, were not completely satisfied with the unit because of the following reasons:

– The panels are not tall enough
– Would be better if there is a height adjustment feature to the unit

Nevertheless, with the reliable function of the unit, this product is worth your precious dollar. You can expect your skin to clear up with proper use of this unit each session.

The Verdict

While there may be some concerns about this light therapy system by Caribbean Sun, the majority of people who have used this product attest to the benefits they received from it.

This machine works as expected, and the powerful lights do their best in providing your skin with outstanding clarity and reduction of large pores or other flaws.

As a result, you can wake up to fresher and more youthful skin all the time because of the benefits you can reap from this effective skin care system worth your investment.

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