5 Uses of Coffee as aTreatment of Beauty and Health

The benefits and properties of the coffee go beyond what you can imagine.

Did you know that coffee is the ideal complement to health and to pamper yourself with beauty treatments? Served from to activate blood circulation, eliminate dark circles, for the reduction of stretch marks and many things more. These are the 5 products based on the coffee you will love!

1) Arabica Coffee Scrub

You’ll be much of this fabulous Exfoliator. No one can doubt that it is a great ally. This product exfoliates and hydrates using natural ingredients such as salt from the dead sea and olive oil. Helps reduce the appearance of acne, stretch marks and wrinkles.

(2) Shampoo and SOAP of Caffeine for Men

Caffeine for men SOAP and shampoo. All in one! Removes dirt, excess oil, and the smell. For guys who love their hair, this product maintains the skin and hair healthy, balanced, and youth. It also reinvigorates, rejuvenates and helps promote hair growth for those who are not so lucky as others.

(3) Therapeutic Oil Coffee

The magic of therapeutic oils Act to relax body and soul. Therapeutic oil of coffee as well as moisturize and nourish the skin surface, are relaxing and invigorating virtues that renew your energies. Don’t hesitate to keep one in your bag!

(4) Mask Coffee Espresso

Sometimes we all need a miracle mask for your face care. This mask refines the facial contours and profits firming and antioxidant, hydrate, and tighten facial skin. Coffee has powerful antioxidant properties to prevent aging, by both this regenerating mask gives clarity, freshness and radiance to the face.

(5) Cafe Handmade SOAP

Coffee SOAP is a sparkling SOAP with rich stimulant properties. Tea will feel clean and fresh throughout the day using it. Apply directly over the areas most conflicting and delicate, like buttocks, to stimulate circulation and eliminate accumulated fat.

Now you know about everything you can use with coffee that goes beyond just take a cup every morning!